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Our car window tinting, is  a great way to minimize the heat inside your car, providing privacy and a fantastic visual appearance. 

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Cars Tint Features

The kind of tint you get often depends on thermal reduction, and it reduces the sun rays. If things are to work well, the tinted windows are spectrally selective.

Reduce Sun Glare

Cars window tinting in such a way minimize the sun glare for safe driving & healthy eyes

Protected & Safe

Our best-Black Window Tint keeps you safe by blocking the people to look inside the car to avoid theft.

Improve Appearance

Apart from protection and safety it improves your car's appearance to stand out.

UV Protection

Ultra Violet rays don't just cause damage your skin and eyes it may cause cancer due to its cosmic frequency.

Cool Interior

It keeps the car's interior cool by not obsorbing the heat and waves from the sun.

Reduce Accidents

Windows with tint applied can hold the glass particles from dispersing in an accident & the bright light of oncoming car.

Computer Cut Window Tint

Computer Cut make  the installations faster, Provides more productivity, make the  installations more consistent and clearer, reduce the damage caused by the installer,  save on labor, reduce re-do’s, save 10-20% in material, increase installer satisfaction, save on training costs, and decrease film theft. computer-cut templates provides many benefits to both the installer and the customer including saving time, saving material, increasing accuracy, and less risk of harming the customer’s windows or window trim.

Ceramic Window Tint

Expensive compared to the others. It is non-conducting and non-reflective. It is not metallic either. Depending on quality, the heat reduction can be up to 80%.

It still offers great visibility, which makes it stand out. The kind of tint you pick for your car can be guided by different factors, including your budget, the type of tint you need, and the style of results you want once it is installed.

Carbon Window Tint

Carbon Window Tinting creates a dark appearance, and it is effective. The heat reduction offered is around 40% which
is pretty good. It is durable as well.

Tesla Window Tint

If you are going for tinting your Tesla, remember to avoid a metalized window film. With all the modern technology used in a Tesla, it’s best to choose ceramic window film.

Paint Protection

Car Wraping

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